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Spread the loveHey guys, there has been some crazy buzz surrounding this website. I wanted to check it out and see what the hype is all about and if they live up to their reputation. This blog is to inform you guys on the legitimacy of this new website I have found. The name of



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RoyaltyBucks : Legit or Quit?

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Hey guys, there has been some crazy buzz surrounding this website. I wanted to check it out and see what the hype is all about and if they live up to their reputation. This blog is to inform you guys on the legitimacy of this new website I have found. The name of this website is called RoyaltyBucks. RoyaltyBucks is another survey site that promises to get you money in exchange for doing online work. RB has existed for quite some time and seems to have a standard reputation but there are always monsters in the closet so let’s see if the monsters will come out when I do some further research on this website. Tune in to find out the answer whether RB is legit or you should quit. 

What is RoyaltyBucks? 

RoyaltyBucks is a survey site that allows you to download apps and complete offers in exchange for pay. Your pay rates vary depending on the offer and app but certainly it is such an easy task You get paid up to 50 bucks just to download an app, how easy is that? Also, just like other sites you can refer people in order to garner cash as well.

You make fifteen dollars for every person you refer, imagine how much you can make a day off of referrals alone.  Off of first impression, the website seems very professional and well thought of and designed unlike some other sites I have come across these past few years. The website looks neat and well organized, everything you need was clearly depicted and easily accessible. After doing research it was time to put it to the test. So I signed up for RoyaltyBucks and got to work right away.

How RoyaltyBucks Work

Signing Up for RB

Sign Up RoyaltyBucks

The signup process for RB was quite simple and easy. They did not require lots of information unlike other survey sites. All you need to sign up is your first and last name, your desired username and password and also your email address. It literally took me one minute.An easy signup process was just the beginning,the real journey was next up. 

What was next ?

What's Next RoyaltyBucks

It was time to put in the work to actually start earning money. After signing up I was then taken to the dashboard and it was marvelous. The dashboard was designed so well, it was easy to navigate all through the different parts of it. The dashboard layed out my progress and what I needed to get done in order to get my money.

I immediately started sending my link to anyone I can think of and convince those who I knew and didn’t know to sign up under my referral link it was such a rush. On top of sharing my link, I also did surveys and offers and it was fun. It was an entertaining experience as I was watching the money pile in. The dashboard kept me up to date on how much I was making and how much more I needed to make in order to cash out. Now it was time to get from them. 

The Payment Process 

Online Royalty Bucks

Getting Paid from RB was not what I expected it to be. They offer several different payment methods such as CashApp,Paypal, & more. The payment process was swift and speedy. After I put in my payment request, I was then sent every penny that I worked for, it was relieving. To find out this place was actually legit was reassuring. I was optimistic that they would be legit but also I did have my doubts, I’ve been scammed before. 

Summary on RB


When it comes to RoyaltyBucks, I find the accused, LEGIT. RB is a legit money making website that has helped thousands of people garner large sums of funds in a short period. If you are ever in doubt of anything, do some necessary research on it first. Then try it out for yourself, you will always find you answer. RB turns out to be a legitimate website, so if you were thinking of trying it out, you should. You can make tons of money in such a short time, it is lowkey a blessing. Until next time!



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    It’s a legit site

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    I just cash out how can it’s be scam ‘ friend get you referral link and earn some cash

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    Today is my pay day and I got paid!

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    January 5, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Very legit ..at first I was thinking its a liar but I give a try and it start working like magic..

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    January 5, 2021 at 4:25 pm

    This is legit I find it interesting still working on my…I will recommend this to friends as I have shared it on all my social media 🥂😃😅

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    Yea its works once u complete the task

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    I’m so glad,Making money while having fun.

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