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Spread the loveWelcome Hey Fraud Reveal family, how is everything ? It’s me, Maddy and today I want to put you guys on to another website that you can earn money on right from the comfort of your own home. This website is called GetPaidTo. There are tons of websites out there that promise to



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GetPaidTo do online work. Is it real ?

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Hey Fraud Reveal family, how is everything ? It’s me, Maddy and today I want to put you guys on to another website that you can earn money on right from the comfort of your own home.

This website is called GetPaidTo. There are tons of websites out there that promise to help you earn money at home. It is my job to point out the real from the fake and vice versa.

Some of these websites out there are just scams and a waste of time. I know from personal experience, I was scammed by way too many online websites, and I want to pass my knowledge on these websites and help you guys follow the right path on to making money on the world wide web.

Making money on the internet can be an easy task as long as you find the right source. You can believe you’re making money online and never end up actually seeing this money, I have had that happen to me too many times now that I can’t even count.

Enough about the past, let’s talk about the present, this new website. So far I have been using this website for three weeks and have been paid twice so it’s safe to say that this website checks out. Continue reading to get my detailed experience with GetPaidTo. 

What is GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo is so simple that it is in the name. GPT is one of those websites where you are paid to do offers online as well as inviting others. The website pays you a certain amount of money for every task that you do.

You can earn more than $1,000 a day if you are willing . Also another way you can earn serious change on GPT is referrals. Refer real people to sign up to the website under you, you will earn lots of money.

The more people you refer, the more money you earn, so if I was you I would be telling everyone I know and even people I don’t know about this website, that is how confident I am of it. 

First Impressions of GetPaidTo


When you first hop on to the website. The first thing that catches the eye is the professionalism and complete look of the website. The shades of blue & green complement each other so well and are easily inviting.

The website seems as if it were thoroughly done and reviewed before it was released. The home page had everything you needed to see. It was filled with stuff such as reviews of the site, instructions, and even reward bonuses that they have available.

I was immediately pulled into this website based on my first impression, but looks can be deceiving so It was very important that I continued with an unbiased approach to come to an accurate conclusion. 

Sign Up 

GetPaidTo signup

The sign up process was quick and easy, I simply put in the basic information they requested such as my name, my desired username, and my email address. It was very quick and easy to do.

After signing up, I was quickly redirected to such a beautiful user friendly dashboard. I instantly knew what to do and the dashboard made it so much easier.

It was carefully organized and detailed in a way that was nearly impossible to not understand. The developers really took their time with this one, the work is absolutely magnificent. 

Earning Money: 

When It was time to earn some money, I knew exactly what to do because of the several times I used a website like this to get money online. Some have worked in the past but most seem to be a waste of time.

Going into this trial, I kept an open mind and blank slate to help reach a conclusion. The process was very easy and actually quite fun. I was downloading new games to earn money. It was a win- win situation.

On top of downloading apps, you can also invite people to join the website, and earn money through them. The more people you invite, the more money you can make. It is quite an easy task and if you are truly dedicated to earning money you can make a lot in just a day. 

Payment Process: 

You get paid

The payment process was of ease. When I was ready to cash out my earnings I simply put in the request for it. The payment options range from paypal to cash app to more. I chose paypal because that’s my preferred bank.

The process was quick and simple, after I put in the request, I was paid in due time. I was relieved to actually see earnings. A lot of websites I try out, I rarely get to see earnings and when I do, I am my happiest. 

After getting paid from GPT, I was determined to keep earning more, and that I did. GPT became almost like a secondary job for me, funding most of my bills which helps me save more money from the first one and will be great long term.

My savings account skyrocketed during these times all thanks to GPT. I invited everyone I know to join this program to start earning as much as me. 

Other Blogs: 

There are blogs out there that tend to lie for personal gain. Always withholding the truth just for a big payout. When I go out of my way to read other blogs, I expect the truth and only the truth. Some people just lack morals nowadays and will do anything for money, It is a shame. I came across some reviews that I know were entirely incorrect.

I read about GPT before starting and there were some good reviews but there were also some bad and I couldn’t figure out why people were getting mixed results. 

Come to find out that people are being paid to deceive the general into thinking one thing in order to benefit another. While you are reading this, I want you to formulate a conclusion for yourself, because half of these blogs out here are deceptive and are in this business for the wrong reasons.

People like to control their own narrative in order to prevent the success of others and it is sad. When considering a conclusion for a blog, just remember it is always best to try things out for yourself, there is nothing to lose. 

Having doubts ? 

If you are having doubts about GPT, they have lots of testimonies and proofs of others who can vouch for them, including me. If my word is not enough, you can search online and see several videos and proofs of others supporting GetPaidTo. I am proud to say that I am a member of this established program and hope to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on this website, if that is my destiny. 

GetPaidTo has entered my life and is here to stay. Life today is not very easy, especially with this whole pandemic going on and getting my hands on any extra money is very ideal. GPT is perfect because I can be earning more money in a day than I can in a week at my day job currently. Due to hours being cut short, I needed this. I am blessed that I found this website. Earning money has never been easier. So if you are still in doubt, remember this opportunity can flip your life back in shape, like it has mine.

Thank you to everyone who tuned into this blog.










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