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Spread the loveIf you have ever tried to make money online, then you know that there are a lot of scam sites out there. These sites always claim to do or offer more than anything, and end up taking your money. They offer “classes” or ways to flip money, but that’s just not the truth.



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StudentsEarnCash is a legit survey site

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If you have ever tried to make money online, then you know that there are a lot of scam sites out there. These sites always claim to do or offer more than anything, and end up taking your money. They offer “classes” or ways to flip money, but that’s just not the truth. However, there are just the few survey sites that are completely worth your time and effort. StudentsEarnCash is one of them. Today, or at least whenever you read this, I’ll be offering you my insight on StudentsEarnCash, a predominantly survey site that promises (and delivers on) fast payouts and easy earning. 

What is StudentsEarnCash?

What is StudentsEarnCash?

StudentsEarnCash is a reward site that is totally legit. They are backed by their engagements with brands and consumers, creating a bridge between them. Brands ask for relationships and for feedback, StudentsEarnCash provides the people. StudentsEarnCash has chosen to market towards students, but really anyone can sign up! All you have to know how to do is fill out surveys or download apps. You can find their associated brands on their website. 

How to Earn on StudentsEarnCash

How to earn money StudentsEarnCash

Ok, now to earning with StudentsEarnCash. All you need to join is your email address and a password of your choosing. Once you’ve done that, it becomes pretty straightforward. StudentsEarnCash offers different tasks, all of which are really simple. I like this because it can be a nice little way to make money on the side, not distracting you from your physical job (or your schoolwork). It also becomes pretty passive earning with their referral system. There is no risk to joining, as they do not ask for any personal information or bank details, as scam sites would. It’s all free, and really, you’re helping them, which explains their high payments. 


On to the tasks! There are really three “tasks” that you will come across with StudentsEarnCash. These are: referring their website to your friends, posting about them on social media, and completing surveys or downloading apps. All of these tasks you can do from your bed, which I found really nice. StudentsEarnCash gives you a referral link when you sign up, and this is how you will earn a lot of passive income while informing your friends and/or family about the greatness that is.

Referral Link
Referral Link for StudentsEarnCash

This referral link earns you money when someone signs up using it, but also just anytime it’s clicked on! You can post this link wherever, and you’ll find that money just rolls in. This goes hand in hand with social media. StudentsEarnCash encourages you to share the news about them, even giving you pre-made promotional posts that are engaging and look nice! I didn’t mind sharing these because I think I was earning $15 per post, and all I had to do was post their picture and tell people to join with me. The main event, the surveys are like I said, pretty simple and easy. StudentsEarnCash has an offer wall that lists out different surveys to fill out or apps to try.

Activities for Money

There are games to download (for free) that only require you to reach a certain level to get paid. Most of these offers were around  $30, so it adds up really quick. Like other survey sites, StudentsEarnCash has a points system, which is required to cash out. This ensures that no one is freeloading, which made sense in my opinion. The higher-ranked brands pay more for their surveys, and these are usually found at the bottom of the offer wall. I will admit that there are some subscriptions that you can also try that are free, but I usually don’t mention them, just because it scares people off. You don’t have to do all the offers on the wall, and you can always cancel the subscription, but that’s just a heads up. 

Cashing out on StudentsEarnCash


Once you’ve saved up enough posts, gotten enough people to sign up, and posted enough social media posts, then you can withdraw what you’ve earned. This is entirely dependent on you. You choose how much you earn, thus you choose your potential. StudentsEarnCash processes your payment request at top speeds, which is really useful. As far as payment methods go, it’s the usual. I would recommend PayPal for that extra security, but they pay out through Cash App, Venmo, or any others that I’m forgetting. There is no direct deposit, which personally I like because it gave me an extra sense of security that no one had my bank details, but that can just be a me thing. Expect to see this payment notification quick, cause believe me, I didn’t expect it! They also give you rewards based on how much you’ve earned. These come in gift cards, or even physical products, which is a nice incentive to continue working with them! 

Legit or QUIT ?

Is StudentsEarnCash Legit?

StudentsEarnCash is a completely legitimate way to make money online! Their payouts are actually insane, and they make it easy for anyone to earn. There are no specifics that claim you have to be a student, so this makes it more universal. I think this can be a great income method for years to come. Sign up, trust me! There are lots of scams out there and this is not one of them.



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